E85 – is it worth it? 

E85 – is it worth it?


Consumer Reports, a trusted online source of information and advice on consumer products and services conducted tests and investigation on the E85 ethanol. The test concluded that the E85 fuel is more costly for consumers than using the typical gasoline. Is this really an efficient alternative fuel? The test also showed that the government’s support on flex-fuel vehicles using E85 doesn’t really mean that the US can achieve independence on fuel energy.

Using the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe FFV as a test vehicle, Consumer Reports conducted a series of tests on the vehicle including the acceleration, fuel efficiency, and emission. Test results proved that E85 fuel emits less pollutants than gasoline but provides fewer miles per gallon, costs more, and is hard to find outside the Midwest because ethanol fuels in the US is made from corn. In terms of fuel economy, The 2007 Tahoe FFV decreased its miles per gallon on city and highway, and also decreased the gas mileage compared to diesel or gasoline-powered Tahoe.

Do you still have plans to purchase E85-capable vehicles? Well, it’s for you to decide. Meanwhile, find quality Chevrolet parts like bumpers and grilles at Auto Part Fast.

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