Sneak Preview of the 2007 BMW M3 

Sneak Preview of the 2007 BMW M3

2007 BMW M3

The car is said to be one of the BMW 3 Series line-up. The 2007 BMW M3 is said to have 400 HP generated by a supercharged V8 engine, which is based on V10 engine manufactured by BMW for the M5. The V8 engine is more compact than the old six-cylinder engine. Although the BMW M3 belongs to the BMW 3 Series, the design is distinctive from the other members of the line-up. The M3 contains a much longer wheelbase, widened fenders, and a stylish quad tailgates. The M3 also contains features inspired by BMW M5 such as front wing vents, twin exit exhausts, and a unique M badge. Watch out for this vehicle to be unveiled anytime soon.

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