Heard About Gay Motor Shows? 

Heard About Gay Motor Shows?

TopGayer Motor Show

Probably not. This will be the first!

TS Media, the publisher of TopGayer website and Cardiff Wales Mardi Gras, one of Europe's biggest free gay festivals has collaborated to host the very first gay motor show. The show is entitled TopGayer Motor Show and will be held on Saturday, September 2 at the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, Wales.

Rich Tuckwell, co-founder of TS Media and Editor of Topgayer.com said

"We’ve been talking about the idea of holding a gay motor show since we launched TopGayer at last years Cardiff Mardi Gras. We sponsored last years Mardi Gras and had the Welsh launch of TopGayer at the event. The crowds’ response was amazing with everybody asking if we would be having a motor show, we said then that we would hold the worlds first Gay Motor Show in Cardiff as a big thank you to everyone at the event in Cardiff for all their support".

The first TopGayer Motor Show will feature some “gay-friendly” vehicles like the Mazda MX5 in bright pink and the MINI Rydale. Other entertaining events will also be featured including the inflatable sumo wrestling challenge and Bungee Run championships. Chevrolet has also donated a brand new Matiz for the one lucky winner of the Text-2-Win contest.

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