America, Are You Buckled Up? 

America, Are You Buckled Up?


Buckling up your seat belts may be something that you despise doing. But did you know that many passengers and drivers have been saved from losing their lives because they simply put on their seat belts?

Now, Chevrolet is joining once again the national partnership that is focused on reminding America to buckle up their safety belts. What Chevrolet would be doing as part of this campaign would be to sponsor an advertising campaign and it would be all part of Memorial Day. They will use various forms of media like print, broadcast, and electronic advertising.

It really is important for people to buckle up. Yes, auto manufacturers make sure that the vehicles provide optimum safety for passengers. Even car parts stores like Auto Parts Fast make sure that they provide parts that would keep passengers and drivers safe. However, there is still some responsibility left in our hands to also protect ourselves by simply putting on our seatbelts. Just a couple of seconds to do that.

According to Ed Peper, the general manager for Chevrolet, “As America’s number one brand, it is important that we urge everyone to buckle up. Safety belts are the most important equipment that we offer in Chevrolet cars and trucks. We encourage everyone driving and riding in vehicles to use their safety belts and to properly secure their young children in child safety seats. And children 12 and under should be properly restrained in a rear seat.”

So, America. Are you now buckled up?

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