Wash Tips 

Wash Tips

So you think your car needs a quick wash? Go ahead. You can do that.

Have some newspaper and water. They do well in cleaning glass in your car. All you need to do is sprinkle a small amount of water and pat the area dry with the newspaper.

When it comes to your wheels, do not wash them while they are still hot or you will get cracked wheels. Also, if you are washing your car, start with your wheels first. When it comes to your tires, do not use bleach. Bleach makes your tires look dull.

Be organized. Wash the car from top to bottom.

While washing, you should also use this opportunity to check for any worn out parts. If there are, you do have to replace them. One store I usually get my parts from is Auto Parts Fast and I surely am satisfied with the Pontiac carpets that they offer.

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