Toyota’s Hidden Fears Exposed 

Toyota’s Hidden Fears Exposed

Behind Toyota’s reputation for quality is a deep-seated fear of failure as what reported. Amidst Toyota Motors Companys success is its anticipation for things that might go out of hand. "We are kind of paranoid," said Dennis Cuneo, senior vice president of Toyota Motor North America Inc.

As of now Toyota is considered as one of the top gainers in the US market, even going beyond the sales of Ford and GM for the past years. Quality and reliability are the trademarks of Toyota models ranging from Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Prius, Toyota Celica and Toyota Supra. But until when will they stay on top?

Toyota Motors has gone a long way before they were able to reach the position they are in right now and they’re determined to stay in the limelight as what Cuneo mentioned. “We got on top of it…we knew we had to stay on top of it, or we could lose this leadership in quality that we have."

Several programs are used by the company to maintain and further improve their status quo. They establish their new production support center in Georgetown, Kentucky to determine the track performance of the suppliers when it comes to customer service. They used the distinct Toyota standard in the US plants and companies which accounts to the same level of quality, performance and style of Toyota models in various auto markets. You can also have a taste of the unique Toyota feel and performance by using Toyota parts and accessories for you car from Auto Parts Fast. But better check out your car’s specs first before placing your orders.

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