Volkswagen Concept A: Child of the New Era 

Volkswagen Concept A: Child of the New Era

Introduced as “the child of the new era,” the Volkswagen concept A will most likely be cruising our streets and highways in the next few years. The concept embodies Volkswagen’s vision for a crossover vehicle that can be one of the trend setters in the industry. It is a combination of the power, style and handling dynamics of a coupe and a compact SUV merged with the latest European state of the art technology.

Stand-out from its features are muscular 20-inches wheels matched with 295/40 tires, opposing open wind doors, DSG transmission and 4Motion all-drive system. Four passengers can comfortably sit on the luxuriously designed leather seats. Cargoes and packages can be stuffed on the spacious cabin adorned with a concertina-style soft-top without causing discomfort to the passengers.

The car reflects an over-all aura of power, aggressiveness and optimum performance emphasized by the assertive front grilles that shield the sporty bumper and LED headlights. It has features quite similar to the Auto Parts Fast I’ve seen in VW lights. On the rear area under the LED light clusters is a hatchback tailgate similar to the fold down rear section of a pick-up.

Under the hood is a 150 hp TSI engine in line with a six-speed DSG transmission crafted using the turbo + supercharger technology. I am excited to see the concept in the flesh. Wish I can lay my hands on its steering wheel and experience the distinct VW feel and control.

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