DaimlerChrysler: Mitsubishi's Knight in Shining Armor 

DaimlerChrysler: Mitsubishi's Knight in Shining Armor

Good thing DaimlerChrysler served as the knight in shining armor that saved the damsel-in-distress Mitsubishi Motors from their loss in the market which was expected to pile up in sky rocketing degrees had it not been for the helping hand offered by the German automaker.

The Mitsubishi “i” is the product of the partnership expected to bring back the market share they lost as part of their venture. It was designed by Oliver Boulay who is known as the designer of the successful Eclipse which sold quite well in the Japanese market. It will be formally launched in the US market at the mid-part of this year so it’s still too early to determine if it will really boost Mitsubishi’s sales.

I’ve seen the photo of the latest mini car and I myself was impressed by the curves and lines flowing from one side to the other. The spacious rooms is matched with the extra space of the 660 cc three cylinder turbo-charged engine positioned on the mid-ship area.

I’ll be on stand by for its release and I hope the real model is just as great as the photos. Meanwhile, you can focus your time making the most of your car while waiting for the Mitsubishi “i” release by mounting new Mitsubishi parts and accessories that will boost its maximum potentials like a new pair of wheels, center caps, hubcaps, shocks, grille, headlamp and a lot more straight from Auto Parts Fast, the one stop shop that you can surely trust.

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