Best and Worst in Fuel Economy 

Best and Worst in Fuel Economy

With the price of fuel spiking up every now and then, it would not be surprising to know that people have tried using their vehicles less often or have tried using public transportation to go places. If you are considering of buying a new vehicle, perhaps it would be wise to try considering if it could save you a lot on gas.

A new vehicle has a sticker on it that shows its gas mileage as compared to other vehicles in its class. It would provide you enough knowledge when you make your decision. The type of fuel that is required should also be considered. Also, it would be best if you check on your auto parts for some of these could be causing your vehicle to run a high meter on gas. Auto Parts Fast could assist you with these need for they have replacement for Audi parts, Mitsubishi parts, Lincoln parts, Chevy parts, or whatever parts you need for any vehicle model you are driving.

Consumer Guide has done several comparisons on vehicle types so as to provide ordinary consumers an understanding on fuel economy. It is based on their observed fuel economy. They have listed their best and their worst for each category.

Compact Cars (Average 24.59 mpg)
Best: Scion xA (33.32 mpg)
Worst: Chrysler PT Cruiser (16.14 mpg)

Premium Compact Cars (Average 20.49 mpg)
Best: Volvo V50 (24.79 mpg)
Worst: Jaguar X-Type (14.48 mpg)

Midsize Cars (Average 21.41 mpg)
Best: Hyundai Sonata (25.30 mpg)
Worst: Subaru Outback (15.46 mpg)

Premium Midsize Cars (Average 18.24 mpg)
Best: Mercedes-Benz E-class (27.04 mpg)
Worst: Audi A6 (14.74 mpg)

Large Cars (Average 18.38 mpg)
Best: Toyota Avalon (22.93 mpg)
Worst: Dodge Charger (13.70 mpg)

Premium Large Cars (Average 18.66 mpg)
Best: Jaguar XJ-Sedan (20.57 mpg)
Worst: Audi A8 (18.35 mpg)

Sporty/Performance Cars (Average 19.76 mpg)
Best: Mini Cooper (27.63 mpg)
Worst: Mazda RX-8 (13.52 mpg)

Premium Sporty/Performance Cars (Average 17.60 mpg)
Best: BMW Z4 (21.51 mpg)
Worst: Chevrolet SSR (15.04 mpg)

Compact SUVs (Average 20.48 mpg)
Best: Subaru Forester (24.21 mpg)
Worst: Jeep Wrangler (12.01 mpg)

Midsize SUVs (Average 16.29 mpg)
Best: Subaru B9 Tribeca (18.37 mpg)
Worst: Mitsubishi Endeavor (11.09 mpg)

Premium Midsize SUVs (Average 15.54 mpg)
Best: Infiniti FX (17.59 mpg)
Worst: Land Rover Range Rover Sport (10.72 mpg)

Large SUVs (Average 14.29 mpg)
Best: Toyota Sequoia (15.0 mpg)
Worst: Ford Expedition (13.24 mpg)

Premium Large SUVs (Average 11.89 mpg)
Best: Lincoln Navigator (13.60 mpg)
Worst: Hummer H2 (10.38 mpg)

Minivans (Average 18.08 mpg)
Best: Saturn Relay (21.62 mpg)
Worst: Honda Odyssey (16.35 mpg)

Compact Pickup Trucks (Average 15.05 mpg)
Best: Isuzu i-Series (17.81 mpg)
Worst: Dodge Dakota (11.55 mpg)

Large Pickup Trucks (Average 11.28 mpg)
Best: Lincoln Mark LT (14.14 mpg)
Worst: Dodge Ram 1500 (9.23 mpg)

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