What's Your Choice? To Use or Not to Use HID Headlights 

What's Your Choice? To Use or Not to Use HID Headlights

Cars and fashion go together nowadays. As auto users need and driving fancies become more complicated, cars become more advanced in terms of performance, safety, comfort features and of course styling. A lot of people are fond of customizing their car by replacing some of its auto parts to make it look different. Among the auto parts often replaced and enhanced are the lights. Automotive lights do not only enhance safety but improves the car s looks as well. They can make a car look a lot sportier, more luxurious or simply more fun to drive.

The trend now is to use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights instead of the factory headlamps. For someone driving a vehicle with HID lights, having them is favorable because they emit wider and brighter illumination. But drivers who receive the light on the other end of the road would feel otherwise. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) receives a lot of complaints about temporary blindness caused by the glare from HID headlights.

Not all halogen or HID headlamps, however, produce much glare. Try to look for these lights for your replacement headlamps needs. High beams are also allowed by law but they should be used only to emit adequate amount of light far ahead. Low beams should be used when approaching another vehicle. You can also channel the HID lights toward the sides to reduce glare.

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