Soon, driving might just become a divine experience 

Soon, driving might just become a divine experience

Seems like we’re moving closer to making driving a divine, spiritual experience.

Autoblog Reports: What would Buddha drive? Rinspeed’s zaZen!

What exactly are we talking about here?

Here’s the Autoblog article:

“Swiss design company Rinspeed’s newest concept car is the zaZen - said to show ‘new ways to automotive enlightenment.’

Developed in partnership with Bayer MaterialScience, the Porsche-based zaZen features a one-piece polycarbonate dome roof with a built-in holographic brake light. The roof can vary from fully transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. The same material allows superfluous controls and displays on the dash to “fade out” so they don’t distract the driver. According to Rinspeed, “The interior is an invitation to meditative unity for man and machine.”

The white body is covered in millions of tiny Swarovski crystals under a self-healing polyurethane clear coat. The zaZen will debut at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.”


I bet you’re having an out of body experience just thinking about it now.

It used to be that peace of mind meant driving in a car that’s safe (that’s why we click on to our trusted online auto parts store Auto Parts Fast to order new tires to replace the worn ones). Apparently, it’s now on a higher plane of things.

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