Safe Winter Driving 

Safe Winter Driving

For motorists, Christmastime can be a dangerous time on the road. With snow and ice on the road, motorists have to take extra caution when driving. The first fall of snow, for one, can be very dangerous if the roads have not been gritted. Ungritted roads will become impassable by most vehicles and even gritted surfaces can remain extremely slippery. Even more dangerous is ice. The thicker it is, the harder it is to see. When running or standing water freezes on the road, it forms black ice. This can linger in the shadows cast by trees and buildings throughout an otherwise sunny day. So if there has been a sharp frost overnight, a driver has to be extra cautious, especially when he is driving through shadows that keep the sun off corners and roundabouts.

Here are a few useful tips from to help you be accident-free on the road this Christmas season:

•Clear snow from all your windows and windscreen just before driving off. Also check that your lights, mirrors, and number plates are clear.

•At the earliest opportunity, check your grip on the road surface by choosing a safe place to brake gently.

•Drive slowly, allowing much more room to slow down and stop.

•Take particular care in bends where skids are more likely. Brake progressively on the straight before you reach a bend.

•Use the highest possible gear. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking.

•If you have difficulty getting traction in a front-drive car, gently rock the steering wheel from side to side, keeping the accelerator steady. This should help your tires to grip.

•If you become stranded in snow, stay in your car unless shelter is within easy reach. Your car is easier to find than you are. Use the engine to keep the heater working but make sure your exhaust is clear, otherwise you risk suffocation from a build-up of carbon monoxide. In deep drifts, open the window slightly and keep the roof clear of snow.

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