Kiaís Concept Car KCV III Might Go On Sale 

Kiaís Concept Car KCV III Might Go On Sale

Sounds so ideal, isnít it? But Butterfield is not merely imagining things. This vehicle is so possible. In fact, Kia has already produced a concept car close to that future Kia convertible, the Kia KCV III. Potentially, the future Kia convertible shall be based on this concept car.


The Kia KCV III was unveiled at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, featuring the most sophisticated technologies Kia is planning to include in its future cars including automatic headlamps, automatic windscreen wipers, advanced adaptive cruise control and radar sensor.

Real eye-catchers are its big high-definition Kia headlights that extend up to the wheel arches and its racy 20-inch Kia wheels. The lights make the radiator grille and the air dam narrower, giving the car a unique look.

These features of the Kia KCV III though may not be all included in the upcoming convertible. However, thereís nothing to worry about that because itís so easy to customize and upgrade a car nowadays.

Kia parts are not that hard to find. Stores like Auto Parts Fast has the best line of quality replacement and aftermarket parts for Kia, including excellently designed Kia wheels, Kia shocks, Kia hubcaps and Kia tail lights. If you have an old Kia car, you can update its looks with these new good looking parts while you wait for the new Kia convertible to roll off the production line.

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