Passenger Cars: Still the Most Popular Autos 

Passenger Cars: Still the Most Popular Autos

Despite the rapid growth of the Sport Utility Vehicle category in the recent years, passenger cars are still very popular among auto users. This category includes compact size cars, midsize cars, full size cars, convertibles, station wagons and sporty cars, although the convertible and sporty car market are singly compared with the SUV market. Almost 47 % of the entire auto sales are covered by the passenger car segment.

Topping the list of passenger cars are Japanese cars namely, the Honda Accord, [link= model_overview.asp?ModelName=Civic+Hybrid ]Honda Civic[/link], Toyota Camry and Nissan Maxima. These cars are priced from $14,000 - $ 25,000 which makes them most affordable choices for average earning car users. Some passenger cars even start at just around $9,000 and that price they are already fairly equipped with enough parts that could keep your ride comfortable, enjoyable, safe and satisfying.

Passenger cars are more fuel-efficient and this adds satisfaction to average income users who want inexpensive yet reliable cars. Hybrid passenger cars are also becoming popular, just like the Honda Civic Hybrid introduced in 2003. Gas-electric engines proved to be more powerful, fuel-efficient and friendlier to the environment as they reduce harmful emissions significantly.

Aside from their lower price, fuel economy, good handling and comfortable ride, passenger cars are also easy to maintain; thus, many car users opt to drive them. There are thousands of auto parts dealers that offer a wide range of replacement and aftermarket parts for passenger cars. Among them is Auto Parts Fast that features the best Toyota parts, Honda parts, Nissan parts, Kia parts and other parts for top passenger car makes. Even if you have bought a base model, you can easily install aftermarket products like Honda tail lights, Toyota grille and Nissan mirrors available in this store.

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